API Introducción

API Introducción
The API for remarketers of domains .UY of our company, allows him to interact with our computer system of management of domains .UY from its own external software.
In case their software is WHMCS (www.whmcs.com), plugin exists already developed and testeado by our company that can be unloaded from www.phpbuddies.com/clientes/reselleruy.zip

With the API, it can conduct the following battles:

€¢ To register Domain .UY //Requires that its account client of PhpBuddies.com has balance to be able to execute this option.
€¢ To renew Domain .UY //Requires that its account client of PhpBuddies.com has balance to be able to execute this option.
€¢ To eliminate Domain .UY
€¢ To modify the Contacts
€¢ To obtain/To modify Nameservers
€¢ To register Nameserver
€¢ To modify Nameserver
€¢ To eliminate Nameserver
Requests and Answers against the API:
For requirements, the API accepts certain parameters. It can consult the same in the following link:
The API sends the answers in format JSON

In order to be able to use the API of reseller of registries of domains .uy, debera to authenticate itself with a API KEY and their email address (usuary) registered in the computer system of our company.
It can ask for a key API for his account client in our company, contacting itself to attention to the client. In case of not having account client, it can also ask for one and with taste we will enter it as client so that it can load balance and use the API of registries of domains .UY


The following example uses the tool of line of commandos CURL to execute requests API:

Request to the API:
curl €˜https://www.phpbuddies.com/clientes/domainsResellerAPI/api.php'  --it dates €˜token=AaLc8eNZWsZtWlT9LtT7NUha&authemail= [email protected] SOCIAL&adminaddress1=Colonia &action=RegisterDomain&sld=nuevodominio&tld=uy&regperiod=1&nameserver1=ns1.phpbuddies.com&nameserver2=ns2.phpbuddies.com&adminfirstname=JUAN&adminlastname=PEREZ&admincompanyname=RAZON [email protected] 1086/902&admincity=Montevideo&adminstate=MONTEVIDEO&admincountry=UY&adminpostcode=11100&adminphonenumber=59829010489&adminemail=€™ --compresse
Answer of the API:
\ {€œresult€: €œsuccess€, €œmsg€: €œDomain you have been registered€}
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