As I can calculate that monthly transference used my website?

The data transfer, calculates of the following way:

days of the month (28, 30 or 31) X daily visits X pages by visit X volume by page X 1,25

We suppose a case with the following characteristics:

    * 100 daily visits.
    * 4 pages by visit.
    * 100 KB by page, graphical inclusively!

The volume of transference, would be the following one:

30 Xs 100 Xs 4 Xs 100 Xs 1.25 = 1.500.000 monthly KB

As the unit of measurement for the data transfer is GB (GigaByte), easily we can make the conversion:

1 1,024 GB = MEGABYTE
1 MEGABYTE = 1,024 KB

In the previous example, therefore, the final result would be of:

1.500.000 monthly KB/1024/1024 = 1.43 monthly GB.

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