Official Evento de WordPress /WordCamp

This 24 of November will be to 1er official WordCamp! Event is organized by the members of the local community of WordPress having followed the bases that WordPress Foundation offers from It will be in the WTC Montevideo Auditorium of 9 to 18horas. It consists of a series of conferences where subjects related to€¦ Reading More treat €œ

7th Nov 2018
Now you can pay the operations of payment of our company with VISA to travez of the VISANETPAGOS.COM.UY portal

Dear Clientes, Deseamos to inform to them that as of the date, it is possible to pay an operation of payment of our company with card of credit and debit VISA from the portal of VISANETPAGOS.COM.UY payments ( of VISASimplemente must enter to the Web option €œTo pay to invoice or service€ >> Marcar HOSTINGENLAWEB.COM and€¦ To read More€

17th Julio 2018
We have the excellent news to share with you!

We have the excellent news to share with you! We informed you that for some days, the Central Service of Computer science (SeCIU) of the University of the Republic, under its NIC Uruguay division responsible for the extension .UY that represents our country, she authorized to our company, after a rigorous procedure of€¦ Reading More €œ

1st Jan 2018
New Benefit of cPanel: Constructor of Website Online

From now on, if you have an account of Hosting acquired or activated from the 28/08/2015 to the date, we informed to you that you will be able to very easily construct a website without no type of knowledge by means of the Construction tool €œof Website Online€ of cPanel. Simply you can choose a pre-established design, to establish that€¦ To read More€

20th Sea 2016
New promotion for CUTI partners - Uruguayan Camera of Technology of the Information

Last days, I get up myself as partner to the Uruguayan Camera of Technology of Información (CUTI), is by that reason that until the 31/12/2016 offers to all the partners of that organization a discount special of 25% in the hiring of new services of Hosting in shared platform and VPS (Virtual Server Prevails to you). €¦ To read More €œ

11th February 2016
New Service: Audio Streaming

Hosting on the Web, sent a new service by which the users will be able to transmit any audio source of (as much engraving as live) from their PC (emitting) to the servers and these as well, they count on adapted software to distribute audio saying between the listeners connected then. All this process is realised in€¦ Reading More €œ

18th Mayo 2009
Important Changes in the Forms of payment

We informed to you that as of this moment the only forms of payment qualified for the collection of services of Hosting on the Web are via ABITAB and/or PayPal.Quedando disqualified the other forms (I deposit Bancario/BROU/Credit Uruguay Bank and turns REDPAGOS). The new procedure to pay via ABITAB€¦ To read More €œ

28th Julio 2008
ABITAB next to Hosting on the Web do the easiest life to you

We have the affability to inform to him that Hosting on the Web has signed an important trade agreement with the company leader in collection and payments of Uruguay ABITAB S.A.Esto will allow that our Uruguayan clients pay the services of a way but fast and easy and At no extra cost in some of the 400 premises ABITAB€¦ To read More €œ

16th Julio 2008
Registry of domains .uy

We informed to him that as of this Hosting moment on the Web it commercializes directly Uruguayan territorial domains, to consult and to contract this service is due to enter to

29th Sea 2008
New program of affiliates for clients

Hosting on the Web, I send his new program of affiliates for clients. Subscribe yourself today to the same and you begin to gain commissions by its referred clients. As it works? Subscribing to our system and placing our publicity in its Web site Whenever a visitor of his website clicks in our publicity,€¦ To read More €œ

29th Sea 2008