In Hosting on the Web we tried in these months to improve the service administratively since we understand that the communication client-company and vice versa must of being fluid and clear.

By that reason, we have renewed our computer science system of invoicing (migrating your automatically contracted data, invoices and services) and ours helpdesk denominated C.A.C. €œCenter of Attention to the Client€.

From now on, you will be able to consult clearly your invoices, payments or no, to order new services and to contact to you with us by means of ticket from the Area of Clients

With this, we will manage to improve well-known our attention and quality on watch.

Note: The data of entrance to cPanel/WHM/FTP neither accounts of the Control Panel of the registries of domains are nor will be changed.

The present system of ticket will be disqualified next, but the data base would be open for the control of previous consultations.

As of today, also a ticket will be able to be created sending an e-mail to each department:

Technical support: [email protected]
Invoicing: [email protected]
Administration: [email protected]

When sending the e-mail, after some seconds you will receive a autorespuesta with I number of consultation ticket, of this form no longer will be necessary to write up the ticket of consultation by the Area of Clients - Web.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008