How I can contract an account to reseller of Hosting Multidominio?

In order to contract an account to reseller of Hosting Multidominio, you must realise the order in our website >> Remarketers >> Click to contract our services here.

He selects:

- I want that Hosting on the Web registers a new name of domain in my name. (If you do not count on an own international domain and wishes to register the same with the company).
- I want to transfer my domain to Hosting on the Web (If already you have a registry of registered international domain with another supplier and wish to transfer the same to ours to register).
- I go to car to administer to the domain name modifying one existing one or registering a new domain. (If or you have a registered domain, international or local but it wishes to only transfer the service of Hosting Multidominio to our company).

There it will be able to also choose the cycle of payment, forms to realise the same and code of coupon of discount (if it has some).
Automatically an e-mail with the data would arrive to him to realise the payment and to continue with the operation.

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