As I can come up that my site is hackeado?

Our company has formed its servers with a strong policy of security, nevertheless, cannot take care of the security of the accounts of the users if the same:

-    They constantly do not change to his passwords of the Control Panel cPanel and FTP master, accounts of e-mail or data bases by safe passwords.
-    Web directly does not update his scripts developed to PHP to the last stable version available slope from the official Web of script, like the one of the components or modules of script.
-    They establish permissions 777 to the archives or directories of the Hosting. Never, to do that. It remembers that the permissions can be consulted and be changed with the file manager of cPanel. Permissions 644 or 755 are the recommendable ones.
-    To examine the PC by that they are connected to the servant with software, anti virus, anti-keylogger or anti-spy.
-    To use exclusively lowered managers FTP from the official Web of the program. And the last stable version available.
-    To eliminate scripts or archives in disuse of its account of Hosting.
-    To always have BackUp of its account, Web, mails and data bases outside the servant.

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