What class of support I am going to receive when contracting its services?

Our Equipment of Support works the 24 hours of the day 7 days to the week to attend in the maintenance and use to him of the contracted service.

We will attend to him and try to solve any doubt or problem that to you appears to him. This does not include consultations of Design Web, Programming or scripts of third parties or of Fantastic as others.

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How I can pay the services?

You can pay our services by the following ways: - ABITAB - At no extra cost€¦

Once realised and notified the payment, as soon as time activate the contracted would service?

Normally, the new services activate in a maximum of 12 to 24 hours capable€¦

Do You offer to technical attendance by means of Web-Chat or telephone?

No, a support ticket will only be able to realise that type of consultations sending€¦

Where I can see the terms of use of the service?

Our Terms of use of the service are available in€¦

What happens if I want to update my plan by one of greater capacity?

You can change his plan by one with greater capacity at the moment that wishes. For it,€¦