How I can change to the data of contact of my account or the holder of the service?

You can at any moment change to the data of contact of your account or the holder of all the services associated to the same in >> My Data

Note: In the case of having several services contracted with us and of wishing to change the one ownership specifically, it must be contacted with us sending a consultation ticket to Invoicing to realise the proceeding of this passage to another account and/or to create a new account with the new data of the holder (Name, Last name, E-mail, Direction, Telephone and Postal Code).

If it wishes to change data of administrative contact, technical or financial of a registry of operated international domain with our company that appears in the public network of WHOIS (, must also modify the information in the Control Panel of the same (, this information is not synchronous automatically with the data of our Area of Clients.

Important: All the data must real and be updated, otherwise its service could be suspended or be cancelled.

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