So that to choose

Next we presented some to you of the reasons to choose

- We are the first Hosting Server Provide of Uruguay with commercial telephone attendance by means of tollfree (08008544)

- We have located own servers in our datacenter in Michigan - the United States, we do not resell services of third parties.

- We totally offer 7 days of test free and without commitment of purchase in all our plans of Hosting Multidominio.

- According to tools DNS that allow to know to whichever DNS serves a domain, we are located between the 10 Uruguayan companies with but volume of sites.

- We are a company dedicated exclusively to services of Hosting, we are not developer Web reason why we did not commercialize our services as extra of design.

- Our clients guarantee our services.

- We have a trade agreement with ABITAB that allows our clients to pay without costs extra in anyone of the premises of the network online.

- Hosting on the Web does not overload its servers nor either sobresells resources of space and transference that it does not own. We talked about with this to mainly foreign companies that offer amount of space in disc and transference by a few monthly dollars. As thus also those suppliers that commercialize limitless services yet, including amount of space in disc, supported transference and domains, being this impossible one to offer because hard disk with limitless storage, network does not exist or connection to Internet with limitless transference (since all network has a certain bandwidth) and so that the servers register a optimum yield is incorrect to allow a client to add the domains that since wishes all servant has limits of processing capacity.

- Due to the signature of a trade agreement with the Google Inc. company, from now on, when contracting our services obtain 1 promotional coupon of until U$S 70 announcing in the program AdWords de Google, can obtain more data on this clickeando here.

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