We communicate you that we have reduced the requirements in the hiring of dedicated IP €˜S for the domains.
They remember that all the domains lodged in our services share by defect the same IP.

As of this agreed moment and to the ARIN norm, the following justifications will be valid:

- Certificate installation SSL for safe operations in electronic purchases.
- Use of Nameserver own assigned to IP's dedicated (only for our remarketers of lodging Web).
- Use of anonymous service FTP.
- To secure a better positioning in international the automatic finders.

A false justification of hiring, can determine the suspension of its account in the company.

In addition to the previous advantages, having an IP it is possible to enter the website by http://IP

We clarify that the hiring is optional and its cost is of quarterly U$S 12 by IP or in case of our quarterly remarketers U$S 12 by 2 IP for nameservers (One of these will be associated to the main domain and the other shared with the accounts that you create).

Thursday, February 14, 2008