Hosting on the Web, sent a new service by which the users will be able to transmit any audio source of (as much engraving as live) from their PC (emitting) to the servers and these as well, they count on adapted software to distribute audio saying between the listeners connected then. All this process is realised in real time, that is to say, the listeners will listen what You are transmitting as they would do it with one conventional radio.

What makes to this ideal service to transmit radio and/or conferences, etc. via Internet.

It can obtain more data on this new service and/or to contract the same in:

Next we provided a series of frequent questions:

Which is the cost of this new service?

The cost of this service depends on the amount of the package of listeners whom it engages and it can transmit the 24 hours:

40 listeners = monthly U$S 20/semester U$S 100/annual U$S 200

80 listeners = monthly U$S 40/semester U$S 200/annual U$S 400

120 listeners = monthly U$S 60/semester U$S 300/annual U$S 600


By packages of more simultaneous listeners available, please, he contacts to our Center of Attention the Client and asks for a special budget.

What software needs each listener to be able to listen to the transmissions?

Winamp, Windows Media Player, QuickTime or Real Player

What software I need to transmit the audio one?

Software Winamp with plugin ShoutCast needs, both of gratuitous license and they are possible to be lowered on the Web of the company.

To what bisuit I can transmit?

You can transmit in the bisuit that you wish, we recommended that the same is 32 kbps or 56 kbps so that these transmissions can be enjoyed without you cut by the listeners who have loss speed of connection to Internet.

What Control Panel I will have to handle the service?

WHMSonic Shoutcast in Spanish.

There is some minimum period of hiring?

No, there is period no hiring pussycat.

It is possible to transmit video by that system?

No, at the moment it is not possible.

Monday, Mayo 18, 2009