We have the excellent news to share with you!

We informed you that for some days, the Central Service of Computer science (SeCIU) of the University of the Republic, under its NIC Uruguay division responsible for the extension .UY that represents our country, authorized to our company, after a rigorous procedure of qualification and homologation of our system, to directly operate how to register EPP credited for zone DNS .UY
Of this form, we became one of the first suppliers in being connected by protocol EPP to zone DNS .UY to commercialize domains directly .uy.

From now on, the clients who register a domain .uy through our company, will be able by their area of Clients online of our Web, to manage their own domain in real time against zone .UY

Between the options he includes himself:

- Possibility of modifying the data of administrative, technical and financial contact immediately in WHOIS .UY, seeing itself reflected the change.
- Possibility of changing nameservers of domains .uy and of creating entrances HOST glue record on the domain.

In addition, when the domain is registered and the same is phelp by a payment method online, the name automatically will be registered without human intervention.

But most important:

From now on, PhpBuddies.com can establish its own commercial policy for the domains .uy, and is for that reason, that the cost of the registries of these domains will have a value of only annual U$S 8.
Of this form our company, becomes the economic supplier of registries of domains .uy of the market, with a greater difference to a 50% against the other to register EPP credited by UdelaR that are at the moment Antel, Montevideo COMM, Netgate y Intersys Ltda.

From now on, you do not have more escusas not to have your domain .uy in our company, by annual U$S 8 (approx $ 240) you only can register it and with the best Control Panel to manage it.

.uy to PhpBuddies.com Migrates your domains already!

www.phpbuddies.com/dominios.php visit and registers your domains .uy

Also, we remembered to them that our company is also at the moment, the only one To register EPP credited by NIC México to commercialize .com domains respectively .mx and .mx to only U$S 10 and annual U$S 32.

On the other hand, also we have another news to share with you and is that the Address register of IPs for Latin America and the Caribbean LACNIC (www.lacnic.net) institution of which our company is member, has recently assigned to our company our first block of IP version 6 (the new IP), reason why very next those clients with service in our datacenter, we will be able to give connection them by IPv6.

With these excellent news for our clients, the company dismisses the 2017 and hopes for a 2018 new full year of important new features.
Immediately, we wished you, Very happy celebrations and prosperous a 2018!

Monday, January 1, 2018