List of scripts settled pertaining to the Fantastic package of Luxe


- b2evolution
- Nucleus
- WordPress

- Noahs Classifieds
Managers of Content:

- Drupal
- Geeklog
- Joomla 1.5
- Joomla
- Mambo
- PHP-Nuke
- phpWCMS
- phpWebSite
- Siteframe
- Xoops
- Zikula
Public relations:

- Crafty Syntax Live Help
- Help Center Live
- osTicket
- PerlDesk
- PHP Support Tickets
- Support Logic Helpdesk
- Support Services Manager

- phpBB

- CubeCart
- OS Commerce
- Zen Cart

- FAQMasterFlex
Hosting Billing:

- AccountLab Extra
- phpCOIN
Galleries of Images:

- 4Images Gallery
- Coppermine Photo Gallery
- Gallery
Lists of Post office:

- PHPlist
Polls and Surveys:

- Advanced Poll
- LimeSurvey
- phpESP
Administrator of Projectos:

- dotProject
- PHProjekt
Site Builders:

- Soholaunch Pro Edition
- Templates Express

- TikiWiki CMS/Groupware
- PhpWiki
Another Scripts:

- Dew-NewPHPLinks
- Moodle
- Open
- OpenX
- PHPauction
- phpFormGenerator
- WebCalendar

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