Information of the program as recording agent credited EPP of UYNIC - SECIU - UDELAR, I send to his program for remarketers of registries of domains .uy of our company with API

From now on, you can soliictar to our executives of attention to the client a API KEY to resell domains .uy to travez of our company realising or utilziando his own software of management for the activity or plugin of WHMCS developed by our company, that him permitira to register domains, to renew domains, to eliminate domains, to change nameservers, to change domain contact, to create/to eliminate/to modify nameservers under its own name of domain. Everything in immediate real time and with impactacion of the changes.

And but the important thing, the access to the API does not have extra cost, that is to say, it only pays the registries of domains .UY to normal cost of annual U$S 8.

When having API KEY and wishing to begin to use the system, you it first that debera to do is to credit to its account client of with sufficient balance.

In order to obtain but data on system API, it can visit: and and

In order to go down the unit of to register domains .uy for WHMCS can make it in

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