We have the affability to inform to him that Hosting on the Web has signed an important trade agreement with the company leader in collection and payments of Uruguay ABITAB S.A.
This will allow that our Uruguayan clients pay the services of a way but fast and easy and At no extra cost in some of the 400 premises ABITAB located in all the country.

In very few days, it will be able to go to pay the services in ABITAB informing to the teller who talks about on the Web to the services of Hosting and immediately the teller will be online with the systems of Hosting on the Web to be able to realise the collection. If the transaction is correct, online one was given supporting of payment and will be credited in the account in 24 hours, reason why it will not be necessary to notify the payment in our page.

When beginning to govern this system, the payments will only be able to be made cash through ABITAB or by means of Paypal

In a moment we will be informing the details and the date into the entrance in use.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008