As it works?

Subscribing to our system and placing our publicity in its website. Every time€¦

 As I subscribe?

It clicks here and we will take it to the registration page.

 When commissions are received?

The commissions will be able to be received in cash if the balance of the account of affiliates surpasses€¦

 I have to be client of Hosting on the Web to subscribe?

At the moment, yes.

 Where be made effective will the commissions?

Only in its Paypal account, if you do not have an account, podra to only use the cash€¦

 Exist some does limit for the gain?

No, limit for its gains does not exist.

 It will be possible to be used the commissions to pay the account in Hosting on the Web?

Yes, once the minimum amount of payment has been reached, it is possible to be solicitd€¦