As they are the parameters to form an account of e-mail lodged in our servers in a client of post office?

Servant of incoming mail POP3: mail.dominio.extension Port: 110
Also it is possible to use IMAP with our services, in that case, the port is 143
Protocol POP3 is recommended for fixed devices, since it unloads the post office of the servant to the device or PC and flock the messages of the servant (to avoid space problems) and for reasons of security/privacy and of performance.
Protocol IMAP is recommended for movable devices (ex Cellular, etc.), since it reads the post office from the servant and it does not lower them. It is a protocol slower than POP3 and it always requires connection to Internet to open the messages at any moment.

Servant of salient mail smtp: mail.dominio.extension Port: 25

Please, to mark €˜My servant of salient mail requires authentication€™

Name of the user: Direction of e-mail completes, including @dominio.extension

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